How to Export WordPress Categories and Tags

WP All Export automatically detects all categories, tags, and taxonomies tied to the post type you are exporting. This includes WooCommerce product types, brands, real estate locations, and more.

You can choose to export them in one of two ways. First, you can export the taxonomies directly, and get a CSV or XML with category/tag in each row. Or, you can choose to export posts and include the taxonomies attached to them.

Export WordPress categories and tags to a custom spreadsheet or XML feed. Here's an example of a simple direct export of WooCommerce product categories:

Category, Description
Winter, Clothing for cold weather.
Summer, Clothing for warm weather.
Mens, Men's clothing.
Womens, Women's clothing.

Export any WordPress post type, along with their attached categories. Here's an example of a simple WooCommerce product export with their categories:

Product, Categories
Leather Jacket, Mens|Winter
Fur Coat, Womens|Winter
T-Shirt, Mens|Summer
Halter Top, Womens|Summer