Export ACF Flexible Content Fields to CSV or XML

Flexible Content fields in ACF are automatically detected by WP All Export and added to the ACF section in Available Data.

ACF Flexible Content fields enable a simple block-based editor that allows using layouts and subfields to organize the data. Similar to a Repeater field, any field can be added to a Flexible Content field as a child.

This Flexible Content field has 1 layout that contains 3 subfields, a Text field, an Image field, and a Color Picker field:

When more layouts are added, each exports its own set of columns. The above field exports the following:

  • Flexible Content__0_text: Exports the string from the text field.
  • Flexible Content__0_image: Exports the URL of the added image.
  • Flexible Content__0_color: Exports the HEX code selected in the color picker.

Here's what that ACF export file looks like: