Send WordPress Export File to Dropbox using Zapier

Zapier can send the export file to Dropbox. Connect WP All Export to Zapier and create the required trigger and action. The trigger would execute when a new export is found. The action would be uploading the export file to Dropbox.

Trigger: New Export File in WP All Export Pro

Connect to Zapier and set up the trigger as explained here:

Action: Upload a File in Dropbox

Choose app & event

After the trigger is set up, Zapier will prompt for an app and action.

Select Dropbox as the app, and Upload File as the action event.

Choose account

In this step, Zapier connects to the Dropbox account where the export file will be uploaded.

If no account has been connected, add one using + Connect a new account from the dropdown list. Click Continue after the account is selected.

Set up action

Define how the Dropbox action will behave in this section:

The next fields can be configured:

  • Folder: Where the file should be saved.
  • File: File to save. Select Export File to include the latest export file.
  • Overwrite: If there's an existing file with the same name, should Zapier overwrite it? Defaults to No.
  • Specify File Name: The original filename is kept unless a different name is specified here. The file extension is kept.
  • Specify File Extension: If a different filename is specified, this field allows to define a different file extension.

Once configured, click Continue.

Test action

After the Dropbox action is configured, Zapier will attempt to test it. Click Skip Test to avoid this step, or click Test & Continue to proceed.

Enable this Zap by clicking on Turn on Zap.