Export ACF Text Fields to CSV or XML

WP All Export automatically detects the ACF fields in the posts you've chosen to export. Drag and drop fields from the Available Data › ACF section into the export editor on the left.

The following ACF text fields are available to be exported: Text, Text Area, Number, Range, Email, URL, and Password. Here's more on each field, along with an example of what's exported:

  • Text: Exports a string or static text. Example: This is a text field example.
  • Text Area: Exports a longer string or static text. Example: This would be the same as the text field, but longer.
  • Number: Exports a numerical value. Example: 65889.
  • Range: Exports a numerical value within a range. Example: 56 (out of 100).
  • Email: Exports an email address. Example: [email protected].
  • URL: Exports an URL. Example: www.example.com.
  • Password: Exports a password. Example: S0flyy1$.