Export ACF Media Fields to CSV or XML

ACF fields are automatically detected by WP All Export. To customize your export file, select fields from Available Data › ACF and drag and drop them into the export editor.

The following ACF media fields can be exported: Image, File, Wysiwyg Editor, oEmbed, and Gallery. Here's more information on each field:

  • Image: Exports the URL to the image.
  • File: Exports the URL to the file.
  • Wysiwyg Editor: Exports the text added to this editor field, exports as plain text.
  • oEmbed: This field provides an interactive component for embedding videos, images, tweets, audio, and other content; it exports an URL to the embedded resource.
  • Gallery: Exports the URLs to the images within the gallery field.

WP All Export treats all ACF media fields in the same way. Image fields export the URL to the image or file. Multiple images or files in a single field will be separated by the pipe ( | ) character.