Export ACF Relational Fields to CSV or XML

All available ACF relational fields are automatically detected by WP All Export and added to the ACF section in Available Data.

The following ACF relational fields are available for export: Link, Post Object, Page Link, Relationship, and User. Here's more on each field:

  • Link: This field allows to select or define a link (URL, title, target) via the WordPress link popup. Exports the link data separated in the fields Link_title, Link_url, and Link_target (if defined).
  • Post Object: This field enables a drop-down list to select posts, pages, or custom post types. Exports the slug of the selected item.
  • Page Link: Similar to the Post Object field, but also allows selecting archive pages. Exports the full URL to the selected item.
  • Relationship: This field stores relationships between posts, pages, or custom post types. Exports the name of the selected items.
  • User: This field allows the selection of a user account. Exports the email address associated with the selected user.

Multiples values exported within the same field are separated by a pipe ( | ) character.