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Drag & drop any file or feed to import thousands of business listings to WordPress.
  • Full integration with top listing themes and plugins
  • Import images and galleries from any source
  • Automatically untangle messy business addresses
  • Schedule imports to add and update listings
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"I use WP All Import to import more than 3000 listings with images from an online feed! Easy to set up and great support!"
"I imported lots of data into custom fields, generated galleries and was able to create a very very fine listing website."
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Drag & drop to import business listings to WordPress.

Create an import for thousands of businesses in the time it takes to manually create a single listing.

Full support for all listing data from any theme or plugin.

Import listings to Listify, Listable, and any other business directory powered by WordPress.

Any format, any size, any structure, no editing necessary.

Stop reorganizing your data, just drag & drop into WordPress. Support for Excel files, CSV, XML, SQL, and more.
Any file format

Sparkling clean listing maps.

Automatically untangle messy location data. Natural language addresses are passed through the Google Maps API.

Nested categories, images, hours, and all the hard stuff.

No matter how complicated you think your import is, WP All Import will eat it for breakfast. Guaranteed.

Featured packed, flexible, and dead-simple.

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Drag & Drop Images and Galleries

Easily import listing galleries with images from your computer, another server, or anywhere else. 
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Complete Customization

Granular control over every single piece of data. Think your import is too complicated? Think again.
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Import Huge Amounts of Listings

It doesn't matter how big your site is or how much data you need to import, WP All Import can handle it. 
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Multilingual sites with WPML

Importing data to a multilingual site has never been easier, with support from the WPML team.
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Not Just Listings, Everything

Import and export any custom post type, users, categories, custom fields, image galleries, and more.
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ACF, Toolset Types, Pods and More

Import listing data into any theme or plugin, including WooCommerce, membership plugins, etc.
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Scheduled Imports

Run imports automatically on a schedule. Subscribe to our point and click scheduling service, or set up cron jobs.
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Developer Friendly

Write and test PHP right inside WP All Import when setting up your import, with tons of snippets to get you started.

Go for a test drive right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need help?

We're here for you. We've been doing this for a combined total of 27+ years and we've seen it all. Get in touch if you have a question, run in to any problems, or just want to know the best way to set up your import.

What if my location data is messy?

WP All Import doesn't care how you set up your location data. During import it passes it through the Google Maps API, formats it for you theme, and then adds it to your listings.

I don't see an add-on for the listing plugin I'm using, can I still import listings?

Yes. WP All Import can import into any theme or plugin. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or run in to any problems.

What plugins do I need to import listings?

To import listings you need WP All Import. We have free add-ons that add support for Listify, Listable, and more.

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