Easily Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products in Excel

The fastest way to edit WooCommerce products. Update thousands of products in minutes.
  • Drag & drop product data to create a custom spreadsheet
  • Automatically match and import changes back to your site
  • Export everything including price, stock, categories, and more
  • No config necessary, even for variations, attributes, and galleries
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Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products
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Bulk edit thousands of WooCommerce products in minutes.

Let WP All Import do the heavy lifting so you can get back to work.
Custom spreadsheets

Drag & drop to create a completely custom spreadsheet.

Simply drag over the data you want to bulk edit and rearrange the CSV columns however you like. It could not be any easier.

Import it back, automatically.

After you're done in Excel just hand your CSV back over to WP All Import. No configuration necessary.

Changes are made to specific fields, leaving the rest alone.

Products are automatically updated with the new data from your spreadsheet, leaving the rest of your data untouched.

Price, stock, images, categories, and everything else.

Export and edit literally any data from any theme or plugin with the most comprehensive import/export in WordPress.
Every WooCommerce Field

Featured packed, flexible, and dead-simple.

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Easy Drag & Drop Interface

Build your CSV in minutes with a well-designed, visual spreadsheet builder. 
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Complete Customization

Comprehensive options to combine export fields, set delimiters, process data with PHP, and more.
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Everything, Not Just WooCommerce

Import and export anything, including orders, images, categories, users, ACF, SEO meta, and more.
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Multilingual Support with WPML

Use the built in language switcher to export translated data. It could not be any easier.
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Powerful Filters

Create rules to determine exactly which products to include in your export.
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Sane Defaults, Total Control

No setup required, but if necessary each field can be individually configured during export and import.
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Scheduled Imports and Exports

Run jobs automatically on a schedule. Subscribe to our point and click scheduling service, or set up cron jobs.
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Developer Friendly

Write and test PHP right inside WP All Export and WP All Import when setting up your export and import.

Go for a test drive right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any of my data be overwritten?

When your CSV import is run, only the fields that you exported will be updated. Nothing else will be touched.

Can I bulk edit WooCommerce product variations?

Yes, you can easily bulk edit variable WooCommerce products. Simply drag and drop to create your custom CSV, open it in Excel and bulk edit your WooCommerce products, and then import it back to WordPress.

What if I need help bulk editing WooCommerce products?

We're here for you. We've been doing this for a combined total of 27+ years and we've seen it all. Get in touch if you have a question, run in to any problems, or just want to know the best way to set up your import.

What plugins do I need to bulk edit WooCommerce products in Excel?

To bulk edit WooCommerce products you will need WP All Export, WP All Import, the WooCo Export Add-On, and the WooCo Import add-on.

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