How to Export ACF Fields

WP All Export along with the ACF Export Add-On allows you to export data from any Advanced Custom Field(s) present in your post type or custom post type.

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin extends basic custom fields to enable more complex fields, different layouts, and settings. WP All Import has an integration with the ACF plugin to export the information stored in such fields.

Export basic ACF text fields such as text area, number, range, email, URL, password, etc.

Export ACF picker fields such as date picker, date time picker, time picker, and color picker.

Export ACF media fields such as image, file, oEmbed, gallery, or even a Wysiwyg editor.

Export ACF choice fields such as select, checkbox, radio button, button group, etc.

Export ACF taxonomy fields using drag and drop.

Export ACF google maps fields with the address, latitude, and longitude information.

Export ACF relational fields such as link, post object, page link, relationship, etc.

Export ACF repeater and group fields easily.

Export ACF flexible content fields.