Combine and Process Multiple Data Elements into a Custom Export Field

Custom export fields can be used to combine any number of data elements, function calls, and static text into the same export field.

Create a Custom Export Field

To create a custom export field, click Add Field and select Custom export field.

After selecting Custom export field, drag elements from the Available Data section on the right into the export field editor on the left. Unlike normal export fields, you can combine multiple fields together. For example, you can drag the First Name and Last Name elements to create a Full Name in a Users export.

Here's the result:

Using Static Data

You can include any type of static text or data required in your export. For example, you can include the currency symbol next to your prices when exporting products.

Here's the result:

Using PHP functions

You can use functions directly inside the Custom export field. Moreover, you can call functions with as many arguments as required.

Following the previous example, you can use a function to apply a 20% discount if the product price is above 100 USD and the product category is clothing. This function would take in two parameters: a price, and a category.

Here's the result: