How to Let Clients Run WordPress Exports

Create exports and let non-admins run them securely.

Client Mode in WP All Export adds a limited, secure interface for selected user roles. After exports are created by admins, they can allow specific exports to be available to roles that have access to Client Mode. By default, exports are only available to admins. If given access to Client Mode, users have access to a limited number of settings and will only be able to run and download export files.

How to select which user roles can run WordPress exports:

  1. Go to the WordPress admin panel and select Settings under All Export.
  2. Scroll down to Client Mode and select which roles will have access to Client Mode.

Giving a role access to Client Mode effects all user accounts with that role. They will have access to a limited portion of WP All Export and will be able to run and download all exports that have been added to Client Mode.

There are two ways to add exports to Client Mode:

  1. Go to Manage Exports, select the exports you'd like to add, and then select Client Mode from the Bulk Actions pulldown. This will toggle Client Mode on and off for the selected exports
  2. Go to the Export Settings page for a specific export and enable 'Allow non-admins to run this export in Client Mode'.

What does it look like as a client?

For testing purposes, you can create an account for yourself and grant access to it. When going into WP All Export as a non-admin, users will see a list of exports that you have given them access to.

Each export has a limited number of settings that the user can change. After running the export, have limited access and can only download the export file.