Send WordPress Export File to Google Drive using Zapier

Zapier can be used to send an export file to a Google Drive account. Connect Zapier to WP All Export and create the required trigger and action. The trigger would execute whenever a new export is found. The action would be sending the export file towards the Google Drive designated.

Trigger: New Export File in WP All Export Pro

Learn more about connecting to Zapier and setting up the trigger here:

Action: Upload File in Google Drive

Choose app & event

Zapier will ask to set up an action after the trigger is configured.

Select Google Drive as the app and Upload File as the action event, then click on Continue. This event will upload the export file into the selected Google Drive account.

Choose Account

Select the Google Drive account to use. If there's no account added, select + Connect a new account from the dropdown list and follow the steps.

Once an account has been chosen, click Continue.

Set up action

This section allows configuring in which Google Drive and folder the export file will be saved.

The following can be configured:

  • Drive: The drive to use. The personal Google Drive is used by default.
  • Folder: Folder where to place the file. If left blank, defaults to the top-level folder.
  • File: The file to be uploaded. Select Export File from the drop-down list to add the actual export file.
  • Convert To Document?: If enabled, tells Google to convert the file into an editable document.
  • File Name: Define the new file name. By default, uses the original filename.
  • File Extension: Only used if a different filename is specified.

Click Continue to move onto the following step.

Test action

Once the Google Drive integration has been configured, Zapier will try to test it. Select Skip Test to avoid this step.

Test the newly created Zap by clicking on Test & Continue.

Once the test is done, enable this Zap by clicking on Turn on Zap.