Export WordPress Custom Fields to CSV or XML

To export WordPress custom fields to CSV/XML go to WP All Export › New Export and select the post type you'd like to export. WP All Export will automatically detect the custom fields from your posts. Drag and drop to select fields to export, arrange the spreadsheet columns, and more.

Select WordPress Custom Fields for Export

To select a field for export, click and drag them from the right and drop them on the left. Here we are exporting custom fields from the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. The custom fields associated with your theme plugin may be different, but they will be automatically detected and accessible in Available Data › Custom Fields:

After dragging fields over, you can click them to access more options for each element. There you can change the column names, combine data from multiple fields, and more.

Confirm And Preview Your Export

You can click Preview to get an idea of how your export file will look. Click Continue to verify your export settings and then run your export by clicking Confirm & Run Export on the next page. This is how our Yoast export looks:

Understanding WordPress Custom Fields

Custom fields are extra information attached to the posts on your WordPress site. They're also known as metadata. Many pieces of data are stored as custom fields, like a product's price or a real estate property's address.

Standard WordPress custom fields are stored as a key/value pair. The key is essentially the name of that custom field. So for a real estate property, the custom field storing the street address might have a key of street_address with a value of 123 Main St. You can learn more about custom fields here: https://wordpress.org/support/article/custom-fields/

There are other types of custom fields as well. Some custom fields can store arrays or serialized information, where one key will have multiple values. Custom fields can also be created by plugins like Advanced Custom Fields (also known as ACF), Toolset Types, and more.

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