Bulk Edit

You can quickly bulk edit posts using WP All Import and WP All Export along with your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Numbers, etc). The data is first exported with WP All Export. Then make your changes and upload it with WP All Import.

Step 1: Select What You Want to Export

You must first decide which post type or taxonomy you want to edit. You'll see all of the available options in the dropdown at the start of a new export.

Step 2: Decide Which Data to Edit

You'll see all of the data available to export on the right. Drag over the fields you need to edit and they'll be included in the export file. Certain fields are required depending on the post type being exported, you'll see a message if you're missing any of those.

Step 3: Confirm & Run Export

Run the export.

Step 4: Download Export File

Once the export completes you'll need to download the generated CSV file.

Step 5: Update the Exported Data

Using the program of your choice open the export file and make any updates necessary. Don't remove any columns or data will be missing after the import runs.

Step 6: Generate a New Import

Using the 'Import with WP All Import' button will start the creation of a new import. This option automatically configures the import settings for you. Your import will be created based on the fields you set when exporting.

Step 7: Upload the Updated File

Choose the option to 'Upload a file' and select the CSV you just modified. Your file will be uploaded and you'll be taken directly to Step 2 of the new import.

Step 8: Review the Data to Update

Here the data to be updated is already mapped to the appropriate import fields. You can take a look at what was mapped, or just continue to Step 4.

Step 9: Review the Data to Update

Here you can modify what data to update when the import runs. Usually, it shouldn't be changed.

Step 9: Confirm & Run Import

Now it's time to run your import.