Export Posts With Their Taxonomies

To export your WordPress data with their taxonomies, go to WP All Export › New Export and select the post type you'd like to export. Then, drag and drop your taxonomy data to set up your export file. WP All Export will automatically detect all categories and tags attached to your posts.

Understanding WordPress Taxonomies

Taxonomies are used in WordPress to group posts, products, and other post types together based on relationships. By default, WordPress posts have two taxonomy types: Categories and Tags.

Plugins and themes can also add their own custom taxonomies. For example, a real estate plugin might create a custom taxonomy called Property Type, with terms like House and Apartment. An e-commerce plugin might create a custom taxonomy called Brand, with a separate term for each brand of product available.

Read more about taxonomies here: https://wordpress.org/support/article/taxonomies/

Exporting Posts with Their Taxonomy Data vs Exporting Taxonomies Directly

WP All Export offers two ways to export taxonomy data: export the posts with just the term name, or export taxonomies directly with all of the term data but without the posts they are attached to.

This guide focuses on exporting posts and their attached categories and tags.

Select WordPress Categories and Tags to Export

The taxonomies available for export depend on the post type that you have chosen to export. WP All Export will automatically detect all of the taxonomy types that are available. WordPress posts have two by default:

  • Categories
  • Tags

Other post types, like WooCommerce Products, will have slightly different ones:

  • Product categories
  • Product tags

After dragging and dropping the term meta and organizing your export, click the Preview button to see how your file will look.

What's Next

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Learn about importing taxonomies alongside your post type or custom post type.

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