Export - WP All Import


WP All Export allows your site's data to be sent to CSV, Excel, and XML. Users, posts, pages, Woocommerce products, orders, taxonomies, and custom post types from other plugins and themes are all supported.

Step 1: Select What You Want to Export

You must first decide which post type or taxonomy you want to export. You'll see all of the available options in the dropdown at the start of a new export.

Step 2: Decide Which Data to Export

The fields available to export are listed on the right. Drag over those you want or click 'Add All' to include everything.

Step 3: Confirm & Run Export

On the last export configuration screen you have some Advanced Options. Hover over the question marks in WP All Export to see more information about each. If you have non-Latin characters in your data, check the 'Include BOM in export file' box to allow them to be displayed correctly when using Excel.

Then run your export.

Step 4: Download the Export File

Once the export has finished you'll be able to download the generated file. Starting off you'll most likely make use of the direct download option (labeled CSV below). The 'Bundle' option provides an archive to upload to WP All Import for migrating data.

The Public URL can be provided to anyone who needs access to the most recent data from that export. You'll also notice a 'Scheduling' tab for automating your export and an 'External Apps' tab for linking your export to Zapier (allowing the file to be sent to hundreds of other apps).