How To Export WooCommerce Reviews to CSV or XML

To export reviews go to WP All Export › New Export and select WooCommerce Reviews. Next, drag and drop the elements on the right to configure your CSV or XML export file. Then, run the export and download your custom file.

Drag and Drop to Export WooCommerce Reviews

The WooCommerce review data to export is under Available Data. This data is organized into four sections: Review Data, Author Info, Parent, and Other.

Review Data

The fields under Available Data › Review Data contain the most important information about the review:

  • ID: The review ID, a unique number assigned to all reviews by WordPress.
  • Product ID: The post ID of the reviewed product.
  • Content: The text of the review, written by the author.
  • Rating: The number of stars awarded by the author, a numerical value between 1-5.
  • Approved: Whether the review is approved or not, exports 1 for approved, 0 for unapproved.
  • Verified: The review is verified if the review's author purchased the product, exports 1 for verified reviews, 0 for unverified.
  • Date (Server Time or GMT): The date the review was published, in y-m-d format.

Author Info

Data associated with the author of the review is in Available Data › Author Info.

  • Author's Name
  • Author's Email
  • Author's URL
  • Author's IP: The internet protocol address of the author.
  • Agent: Information on which browser the author was using.
  • User ID: The ID of the user account which created the review, exports 0 for guest reviews.

If the review was created by a registered user, all of the author info is pulled from its user account. If the review was done by a guest user, the name and URL is entered manually by the user when submitting the review.


More information related to the reviewed product is in Available Data › Parent.

Reviews are always attached to a product, which is referred to as the parent product. Reviews can also be the child of another review.

  • Parent Product Slug: The slug of the reviewed product.
  • Parent Product Title: The title of the reviewed product.
  • Parent Product ID: The post ID of the reviewed product, it's the same as the Product ID under Review Data.
  • Parent Review ID: If this review does not have a parent review, 0 is exported.
  • Parent Review Date (Server Time or GMT): If this review does not have a parent review, nothing is exported.


Other less used data, like Karma, is in Available Data › Other.

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