How To Export WooCommerce Coupons to CSV or XML

To export WooCommerce coupons, go to WP All Export › New Export and select WooCommerce Coupons. Next, drag and drop to customize your CSV/XML file with your coupon data. Then, run your export and download your file.

Drag and Drop to Export WooCommerce Coupons

Basic coupon data is in Available Data › Standard:

  • Coupon ID: The coupon ID, assigned by WordPress.
  • Coupon Code: The coupon code itself, used by users to receive the discount.
  • Coupon Description: A description of the coupon, written by the creator of the coupon.
  • Discount Type: One of several preset values. Percentage discounts are exported as percent, fixed cart discounts as fixed_cart, and discounts on specific products as fixed_product.
  • Coupon Amount: The amount to be discounted. Based on the discount type, this is either a percentage or a fixed amount.
  • Expiry Date: Date when the coupon expires and is no longer available, in y-m-d format.
  • Free Shipping: Whether this coupon grants free shipping or not, exports either yes or no.
  • Exclude Sale Items: Whether this coupon works on sale items or not, exports either yes or no.

Other WooCommerce Coupon Data

Less used coupon data is in Available Data › Other. For example, who created the coupon, along with the following fields:

  • usage_limit: The total number of times the coupon can be used.
  • usage_limit_per_user: The number of times each customer can use the coupon.
  • limit_usage_to_x_items: The maximum number of items allowed in the cart when using the coupon.
  • usage_count: The number of times the coupon has been used.
  • minimum_amount: Minimum cart amount required to apply the coupon.
  • maximum_amount: Maximum cart amount allowed to apply the coupon.

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