Export WordPress Images to CSV or XML

To export images from WordPress to CSV/XML, create a new export with WP All Export and then drag and drop from the Media section to set up your custom file. This process works for WooCommerce product galleries, real estate properties, and more.

Exporting Images from a WooCommerce Product Gallery

When creating a WordPress export, you can choose to export all of the images and files attached to the records you are exporting.

You can see all of the data available for export in the Media section. In this example, we'll export images attached to our WooCommerce products but it is the same process no matter what type of images or attachments you are exporting.

WooCommerce products often have many images attached to them. Multiple images are separated with a pipe character (|) by default. Press Preview to see what your export will look like.

WordPress Image Data Fields Available for Export

  • URL: The image URL.
  • Filename: The image filename.
  • Path: The location on your server where the image is stored.
  • ID: The image ID.
  • Title: The image title.
  • Caption: The image caption.
  • Description: The image description.
  • Alt-Text: The image alt text
  • Featured: The URL of this post's featured image.

Attachments have the same available export fields and work in the same way.

Advanced Image Export Options

To edit an export field, click on one of the fields that you've dragged out of Available Data. There you can specify exactly which types of images to export. You can also change the separator used when multiple images per record are exported.

What's Next

Import images along with your WordPress type or custom post type.

Export, edit, then import back using WP All Export along with WP All Import.