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WP All Import is designed to work with any host, and usually an inexpensive, shared hosting plan is enough. Problems, however, can arise on large ecommerce sites with thousands of products, sites with large databases, or even small sites on a poorly managed shared hosting plan. So, we’ve tested many, many hosts to help make sense of things for you.

The results? Siteground has great shared hosting plans that will work well if you have a small site and aren’t going to be constantly running big imports. Kinsta has very powerful VPS plans that will be able to handle big sites running big imports around the clock. Both have well reviewed 24/7 customer support.

Read on to learn more about hosting.

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting: The hosting company has many sites from different customers all running on the same server inside the same operating system, competing for the same resources. Think of it like sharing a house with roommates. Everyone shares the same kitchen, living room, and bathroom. If the same person spends four hours a day showering, or fills the refrigerator with their groceries, you’re going to have a problem. Like landlords, some shared hosts are better about mitigating these issues, but you are still sharing a bathroom with many other people.

VPS Hosting: Sites from different customers are still running on the same server, but on separate operating systems, in virtual computers. Another piece of software called a hypervisor makes sure that each operating system always has the same amount of resources available to it. Think of it like living in an apartment complex. You still have a lot of neighbors technically living in the same building, but no matter how many people are taking a shower at the same time, yours is always available.

Imports & Server Resources

Imports require a lot of server resources, especially if you are importing a lot of data or have a large database. Hosting review sites cover speed, reliability, and customer service but rarely let you know which hosts will throttle your processing power or limit your SQL queries.

Some hosts will pack many customers into small, underpowered, servers. Sites that consume a lot of resources will eat up all of the available processing power, leaving none for you and your import. Alternatively, some hosts will proactively kill your import process to protect other people’s sites.

We’ve tested a lot of hosts and out of all of them, Siteground and Kinsta are the two we’ve had the best experiences with. Both are fastreliable, have well reviewed 24/7 customer support, and work great with WP All Import.


Siteground is officially recommended by Their imports were stable and significantly faster than other shared hosting plans we tested. But, shared hosting will always cause problems if you need to use a lot of server resources. If you have a large site or need to run frequent imports, we recommend a VPS plan.

VPS plans are available from Siteground (marketed as Cloud Hosting) but we didn’t test them. If you feel that you need a VPS, we recommend Kinsta.

Plan & Pricing:
WordPress StartUp – $9.95/mo

Import Speed:
132% faster than average

Average Load Time on Default Install According to Review Signal:
0.71 seconds

Siteground limits everything – SQL queries, database size, CPU usage, PHP executions, etc. The good news is they are up front about their limitations, provide a way for you to upgrade to a plan with more resources, and will contact you when you consume more resources than your plan allows.


Kinsta runs on Google Cloud and will dynamically scale up the available resources to accommodate the sites hosted on their platform. Import speeds on Kinsta were fast, and the service was able to handle imports running non-stop, 24 hours a day, without issue.

Plan & Pricing:
Starter – $30/month

Import Speed :
135% faster than average

Average Load Time on Default Install According to Review Signal:
0.65 seconds

Kinsta charges based on the number of WordPress installs, disk space, and monthly site visits.

Which one is best for me?

Kinsta is best if you have a lot of traffic, a huge database, or are running imports with 10,000+ records multiple times a day. Otherwise Siteground will probably be enough.

Not sure if these hosts are right for you? Try the hosting recommendation tool at

Full Disclosure

We don’t have affiliate accounts with Siteground, Kinsta, or any other host. We weren’t compensated in any way for making these recommendations, there are no links to their sites on this page or anywhere else on our site, and we won’t make any money if you sign up for an account with them. These are honest recommendations based on tests carried out by our team.