Plugin & Theme Conflicts

Sometimes an issue can be hard to diagnose because it’s being caused by another plugin or your theme. Follow these steps to test for a plugin or theme conflict:

  1. Deactivate all plugins other than WP All Import, WP All Export, and any WP All Import/Export Add-Ons you are using. If you’re importing data into WooCommerce, ACF, or something similar you should leave that plugin active.
  2. Switch to a default, unmodified, WordPress theme. If you’re using an add-on to import into a theme, you can leave the theme active.
  3. Run your import/export and check the results. If the problem no longer occurs then we know that one of the deactivated plugins or your theme is the cause of the problem.

If there is a conflict, then slowly begin reactivating your old theme and plugins and running the import/export. When the problem returns, whatever you just activated is the cause of the problem.

If you find that deactivating all other plugins and switching to a default theme does not fix the issue, then there’s no conflict. If this is the case, submit a support request and we’ll help you track down the cause of the problem.