Nested, Hierarchical Taxonomies

WP All Import provides two options to import hierarchical or nested taxonomies, also known as “parent” and “child” taxonomies.

Example A

If you have a file where the taxonomy structure is specified in a single column or element, use “An element in my file contains the entire hierarchy”.

Example – you have a column in your file with the value “Ski Resorts > Colorado > Aspen > Aspen Highlands”

Ski Resorts is the parent, Colorado is a child of Ski Resorts, Aspen is a child of Colorado, and Aspen Highlands is a child of Aspen.

Nested Category Example

Click the Preview button to see what your taxonomy structure will look like after it is imported.

Nested Preview

Example B

If you have a file with many different columns or elements containing your taxonomies, choose the “Manually design the hierarchy with drag & drop” option.

Drag the four-pointed arrows to the left or right to make a category a parent or child, or drag up and down to re-order.

Drag and Drop Example