Migrating data between sites is possible using the integration between WP All Export and WP All Import. You can migrate posts, pages, WooCommerce products, orders, and custom post types from any theme or plugin.

Step 1: Select What You Want to Export

You must first decide which post type or taxonomy you want to migrate. You'll see all of the available options in the dropdown at the start of a new export.

Step 2: Decide Which Data to Migrate

The fields available to export are listed on the right. Drag over those you want or click 'Add All' to include everything.

Step 3: Confirm & Run Export

Run the export.

Step 4: Download the Export Bundle

Download the export bundle ZIP file using the 'Bundle' button. Don't unzip the archive.

Step 5: Upload Export Bundle to WP All Import

Start a new import at All Import > New Import on your destination site. Then upload the ZIP archive you downloaded from WP All Export.

Step 6: Skip to Step 4

The export bundle automatically configures the import, allowing you to skip straight to Step 4.

Step 7: Confirm & Run Import

Step 4 shouldn't need any changes, just click Continue. Then run the import.