You may run an import using WP All Import's WP-CLI integration. Imports run with WP-CLI tend to process about 50% faster than those run through the WordPress admin panel.

You can list the imports to find the ID you want to run:

$ wp all-import list

Then, to run an import, you just need to specify the import ID:

$ wp all-import run <import id>

Or, if you prefer to run several imports in sequence, a comma-delimited list of import IDs can be specified:

$ wp all-import run <import id>,<import id>,<import id>

While imports can be run with WP-CLI, you still need to create and edit them in the WordPress admin panel. After saving your import, you can see the import ID on the Manage Imports page, or use the list command above.


A single import ID, or comma delimited list of IDs, to run.

$ wp all-import run 1
$ wp all-import run 1,2,3

A flag to force the import to run even if it's already triggered.

$ wp all-import run 1 --force-run

A flag to disable the import history log for this run.

$ wp all-import run 1 --disable-log

Add-On Compatibility

In order to be run with WP-CLI, import add-ons must be written using a singleton, a class limited to a single instance. You can read more about this here: https://www.wpallimport.com/documentation/addon-dev/best-practices/