You may run an import using WP All Import's WP-CLI integration. Imports run with WP-CLI tend to process about 50% faster than those run through the WordPress admin panel. To run an import, you just need to specify the import ID:

$ wp all-import run <import id>

Or, if you prefer to run several imports in sequence, a comma-delimited list of import IDs can be specified:

$ wp all-import run <import id>,<import id>,<import id>

While imports can be run with WP-CLI, you still need to create and edit them in the WordPress admin panel. After saving your import, you can see the import ID on the Manage Imports page.

Add-On Compatibility

In order to be run with WP-CLI, import add-ons must be written using a singleton, a class limited to a single instance. You can read more about this here: https://www.wpallimport.com/documentation/addon-dev/best-practices/