Import images from anywhere.

No matter how your images are referenced in your file – by filenames, URLs, IDs, partial filenames, or something else – WP All Import can import them.

The image files can be at an external URL (http:// or https://), on your server, or on your computer.

Import Multiple Images To Galleries

You can import a single image per post to the Featured Image, or you can import multiple images for each post to that post’s Media Gallery. You can separate the image URLs or filenames with any character, enter them one per line, or use FOREACH to import a variable number of images for each post.

Import From Partial Image Paths

No matter how your image URLs or filenames are stored in your XML or CSV file WP All Import can import them.

If your file only contains a partial reference to the images, you can compose the full filename or URL. For example, if your file contains image file names without the extension, but your images really exist online and have a .jpg extension, you can compose the complete image URL by entering something like{Imae_ID[1]}.jpg in WP All Import.

Import Image Meta Data

You can import image meta data (title, caption, alt text, and description) for each image.

Advanced Options

API hooks are fired each time an image is imported in case you need to write code to modify the images, use their image IDs in custom galleries, or perform some other operation.