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At Soflyy we don’t take on consulting or development projects. Our support team is only able to help with WP All Import-related issues. We can’t write code for you, debug issues not related to WP All Import, help you with your theme, or do anything else related to the frontend of your site.

The developers and agencies listed in this section are all WP All Import customers who have told us about projects they’ve done with WP All Import.


WP All Import experts, with experience importing and migrating data between eCommerce sites, setting up affiliate stores, and migrating content from other CMSes to WordPress.

SpectrOM Technologies

Uses WP All Import for various projects, including importing of XML data feeds for vacation packages.

Affiliate Web Designers

WordPress performance EXPERTS, the best we’ve ever seen. They know how to set up WooCommerce with 100,000+ products, get your whole site to run 10x-120x faster, etc.


Used WP All Import to import inventory to a WooCommerce store.

Bit Bat Studios

Used WP All Import to import auto dealership inventory to WordPress.

Thomas Sultana

Used WP All Import for a wide variety of projects – complex WooCommerce variation imports and imports targeting specific data such as stock counts and pricing. /


Used WP All Import to sync properties between a client’s property management software and website.


WooCommerce imports with WP All Import.

A Sling and Stone

Specializes in ecommerce sites and Advanced Custom Fields.

Ironfly Internet

Migrated content from various custom or 3rd party CMSs to WordPress with WP All Import.

The Developer

Content migrations to WordPress.


Builds WooCommerce sites with WP All Import.

Capsicum Mediaworks

Used WP All Import for WooCommerce and affiliate imports. ACF experience.


Extensive experience using WP All Import to migrate content to WordPress.

Zona Internet

Used WP All Import to migrate from a legacy ecommerce system to WooCommerce.

Kuztek Solutions

Experienced in managing the import of all kinds of data from other websites or spreadsheets. Very familiar with the ACF and WooCommerce.


Used WP All Import to import Filemaker data to WordPress Custom Post Types, and WooCommerce imports.


Used WP All Import to migrate a legacy eCommerce system to WooCommerce.

Blue Lemon Studios

Uses WP All Import to import content to WooCommerce and synchronize stock levels with inventory management software, as well as general purpose content migrations to WordPress.


WooCommerce variable product imports and importing data to product add-ons.

The Directory People

Used WP All Import on many projects for estate agents, developing websites that are designed to pull in property feeds.


Experience importing page content, WooCommerce products, and exporting content from legacy systems to XML/CSV format.


Uses WP All Import to run a real estate portal.

Command Base

“We’re using WP All Import on a local animal shelter’s website. This shelter uses ShelterBuddy to manage pets that come in and out of their facilities, a popular Animal Shelter Management application. This application provides an XML file which is updated every 15 minutes or so via their server. In an effort to ensure their website has the most up-to-date pets available for adoption listed on their site, we use WP All Import with a couple cron jobs to pull data every 15 minutes. This data includes the Pet’s Name, Age, Sex, Breed, Animal Type, and Animal ID, and best of all, an image which we set as the featured image. By pulling in this data into custom taxonomies and meta fields, we’re able to provide this animal shelter’s users with a simple and intuitive pet filter to decide what kind of pet they might be interested in adopting.” – Corbin Fraser,