Export WooCommerce Products to XML, CSV, or Excel

Export and edit WooCommerce products in Excel, migrate WooCommerce products to another site, or create a WooCommerce affiliate feed. Automatically run exports on a schedule and export only the products & data you need using comprehensive filtering and configuration options.


  • Simple Products
  • Variable Products
  • External/Affiliate Products
  • Product Images/Galleries
  • Any WooCommerce Field


WP All Export makes it simple to export WooCommerce products and create XML and CSV files.

WP All Export’s simple drag & drop interface allows you to structure your CSV or XML however you want and only include the data that you need. It’s simple enough for anyone to use and powerful enough for developers.

Or maybe you don’t care how the export file is structured and you just want to migrate your products to another site. WP All Export can auto generate your export file so you have all the data you need, including your product images and galleries. It will even create the settings you need to import your products with WP All Import. WP All Export makes migrating products easy and fast.

 There are filtering options so you can limit your export to products created after or before a certain date, over or under a certain price, containing a certain tag or category, or any other criteria. You can even set your exports to run automatically on a schedule.

Drag & drop to export exactly what you need.

On the right is all of the data from your WooCommerce products and on the left is your CSV or XML file. Simply drag and drop data from right to left to create your customized export file. You can drag your CSV columns or XML elements into any order. You can even change the column headings or element names. WP All Export makes complex WooCommerce products exports easy and simple.

Bulk edit WooCommerce products in Excel.

Editing WooCommerce products in bulk is easy with WP All Export. Simply export the fields you’d like to edit and then download the CSV & open it in Excel or any other software. Once you’ve made the necessary changes go back to WP All Export and click ‘Import with WP All Import’.

Then all you need to do is upload your CSV. WP All Import will take care of the rest, matching the modified data to your existing products and configuring all of your import settings.

Migrate WooCommerce products to another site.

To migrate WooCommerce products to another site simply create a new export, auto generate your export template, and download the import bundle. The bundle is a zip file that contains both the exported WooCommerce products and the WP All Import settings necessary to create the products on another site.

This will recreate your products on any WordPress site, properly setting every single WooCommerce option. It will migrate variable products, simple products, and it will even import images and create product galleries.

Turn your WooCommerce store into an affiliate feed.

With WP All Export you can create an affiliate feed that integrates directly with AffiliateWP or any other affiliate management tool. Set up automated exports to update your feed as often as necessary with exactly the data you need – including URLs to images, tags, categories, etc.

You can provide this datafeed to your affiliates and it’ll be just like a datafeed they’d get from CommissionJunction, LinkShare, or any other big affiliate network.

Easy filtering options to export exactly the right products.

Want to export all of your WooCommerce products over $100? All of the products containing a certain category or tag? Or maybe you want to export all of the large and extra-large green t-shirts made by a certain brand that have more than 10 units in stock and aren’t on sale.

WP All Export’s easy to understand filtering options allow you to export exactly the right products from your WooCommerce store.

Advanced features for developers.

WP All Export is easy enough for anyone to use and powerful enough for developers go deeper. You can export the result of a custom wp_query calls, process your data with PHP  function before it’s exported, export the result of a custom SQL query, and hook in to WP All Export’s actions. Here at Soflyy we’re all developers, so we know how important it is to be able to dig in do what you need to do.

Take a complete product tour to learn more, or try a live demo of WP All Export.

WP All Export
Available standalone, or at a discount when purchased with WP All Import. It is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, and comes with world-class support, detailed documentation, and free updates for life.