PHP execution & developer API.

Manipulate data on the fly, before it is processed by WP All Import.

Execute any PHP function on your data before it is imported.

The PHP function can be a predefined function built-in to PHP, or a custom, user defined function that you add to one of your plugins or your theme’s functions.php file.

For example, if your element or column name is <availability> and you want to run the my_availability() function on it, use this in your import template:


WP All Import will import the result returned from the PHP function. You can pass as many data points from your file to the PHP function as you wish, and use these functions from anywhere inside of WP All Import.


Developer API

Just like the hooks provided by WordPress, WP All Import provides action hooks. You can “hook into” these actions to have WP All Import call your functions at specific times – when it starts an import, saves a post, deletes a post, imports an image to the media gallery, or finishes an import.

This makes the extensibility of WP All Import unlimited – if you can write the code for it, you can integrate it into WP All Import.