Creating an Add-On

You might not even need to read these docs. Check out the example add-on here, and use it as a starting point for your own.

Are you a plugin or theme developer?

Creating a WP All Import add-on will give your users an easy and free way to import their data to your plugin or theme.

An add-on can make things MUCH easier for your users if your plugin/theme doesn’t store data in the “normal” places in WordPress.

For example, many plugins and themes uses serialized arrays and custom gallery fields to store data, but WP All Import doesn’t provide a simple way to import to those.

Plus, add-ons work with the free version of WP All Import, so your users won’t need to buy anything.

Best of all, coding add-ons is extremely easy using our Rapid Add-On API.

An add-on is just a normal WordPress plugin, and a simple add-on can be done with less than 20 lines of code.

Continue to Add-On Structure to learn how to code an add-on.