WooCommerce Dominates WordPress E-Commerce Sites

WooCommerce Usage Stats

WooCommerce is the top e-commerce platform in the world. Even more staggering, it accounts for nearly 94% of all WordPress e-commerce websites.

If you’re going to use WooCommerce, one of your most important choices is your theme. As with everything else for your online store, you want only the best.

What Makes a WooCommerce Theme Great?

There is a lot to consider when evaluating a WooCommerce theme:

  • Is the theme fully compatible with WooCommerce? It will undoubtedly claim compatibility but you need to read its negative reviews to verify.
  • Is it compatible with the key plugins that you intend to use, especially checkout and payment plugins? Again, comb the negative reviews for the theme and also for the plugins.
  • Does it support your intended layout? Look and feel is everything in e-commerce. You want a theme that is going to help you achieve your best visual appearance, not force you to accept something less.
  • Is it flexible/adaptable? Regardless of how well you design your store at the outset, it will evolve. The best WooCommerce themes help you evolve with it.
  • Is it responsive? At least half your traffic is likely to come from mobile devices of varying sizes and shapes. Your WooCommerce store needs to look great on all of them.
  • Is it fast? People abandon sites that take longer than two seconds to load, especially on mobile. Being slow will not only kill your sales; it’ll also push you lower in search results because Google doesn’t want to direct people to slow websites.
  • Is your WooCommerce theme SEO-friendly? Built-in SEO optimization helps generate more traffic, and more traffic results in more sales.
  • Is it set up for social media integration? Social media not only drives traffic to your website; it also provides an important signal to Google that people are paying attention to you.
  • Does the theme owner provide high-quality, online support? It had better because you’re going to need it, especially once you start making changes. Again, comb the review comments looking for feedback on support.

These are the main issues that separate the best WooCommerce themes from the rest. Now let’s see who is the best for 2023.

#1 Astra

Astra WooCommerce Theme

What’s lightweight, lightning-fast, has over a million active installs, and gets 5 stars in 97.3% of its nearly 5,000 reviews? Astra is one of the best themes in the entire WordPress landscape, let alone for WooCommerce.

Add in 180+ ready-to-import websites, full compatibility with Gutenberg and page-builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi, fantastic typography support, and too many other features to list, and you have the #1 overall theme for WooCommerce websites.

For more information, please see our complete review of Astra.

#2 OceanWP

OceanWP WooCommerce Theme 1680px-wide

If any WooCommerce theme can compete with Astra, it’s OceanWP. With 700,000+ active users, a 5-star rating from 97.5% of nearly 5,000 reviews, and a strong reputation for support, it checks all the key boxes.

Add in 150+ templates and nearly 20 extensions, and you simply can’t go wrong. Want to see what we mean? Check out OceanWP’s Demo/Template gallery. If you want to create one of the best WooCommerce sites on the web, this theme will help you get there.

#3 GeneratePress

Generate Press WooCommerce Theme 1680px-wide

Another incredibly strong contender, with 400,000+ active users, a 5-star rating from 98.4% of nearly 1,300 reviews, and a well-deserved reputation as one of the lightest, fastest themes on the market.

What isn't as well known is that the premium version of GeneratePress includes some powerful modules that include an advanced hook system, enhanced navigation and a mobile header, and of course a WooCommerce add-on with an extensive list of valuable options that has landed it on this list.

Not as well known for its website templates, it also now has 70+ starter sites that you can import to kickstart your website design.

#4 Blocksy

Blocksy WooCommerce Theme 1680px-wide

One of the most customizable themes we've ever seen. Basically, a theme with a built-in page builder but without the extra overhead, leaving it clean and fast despite its impressive flexibility.

Blocksy hasn't quite caught up with Astra or OceanWP in terms of starter sites/templates, as they have just 13 as of October 2021. But they make up for this with their smart, adaptable design. Oh, and their user ratings are pretty good, too, with a 99.8% 5-star rating over 570 reviews.

For more information, please see our complete review of Blocksy.

#5 Overlay

Overlay WooCommerce Theme 1680px-wide

Looking for a theme that you can install, activate, and then intuitively customize without reading any documentation?

Welcome to Overlay. Clean, lightweight, and incredibly logical in its design, Overlay lets you control the look and feel of your WooCommerce website by exposing all of its settings through the Customizer. With instant visual updates for any changes you make, who needs instructions? Just start tweaking and let your eye be your guide!

Overlay isn't a big hitter when it comes to starter layouts/templates at just 22 as of December 2021, but with the ease and level of customization offered by this theme, it doesn't really need to be. It's also reliable, with over 98 % of its user review ratings at 5 stars.

For more information, please see our complete review of Overlay.

#6 Storefront

StoreFront WooCommerce Theme

Storefront is one of the easiest WooCommerce themes to use. Created and maintained by WooCommerce developers, it eliminates any concern about WooCommerce compatibility now or in the future.

Need something a little more tailored to your line of business? No problem. At last count, WooCommerce offers 14 premium child themes for 14 different business categories.

#7 Neve

Neve Theme

Neve takes mobile shopping seriously with its lightweight build, full AMP compatibility, and fully responsive design.

With over 200,000 installs and 5 stars in 91.3% of its reviews, Neve is a proven theme that works well with most popular page builders. With layout options available right in the Customizer, this is one of the easiest themes to adapt to different types of online stores. And if you ever have an update that causes you major headaches, you can roll back to a previous version with one click.

Accessibility and SEO-friendly markup are also baked in. All in all, a rock-solid choice for one of the best WooCommerce themes on the market.

#8 Hestia

Hestia Theme

Our second Themeisle theme, Hestia, is ideal for professionals and other small businesses, such as restaurants, online agencies, and freelancers.

It features a multipurpose, one-page design, widgetized footer, blog/news page, and a clean look. Combined with a parallax slide, photo gallery, and a travel-map module, it makes for an excellent WooCommerce theme that is responsive, SEO friendly, and provides easy multilingual support.

With more than 100,000 active installs and a 5-star rating in 90% of its reviews, it’s also a proven theme from a reputable company.

#9 Woostify

Woostify WooCommerce Theme

Although not as popular as the first seven WooCommerce themes in our list, Woostify has all the features of a market leader. Fast, lightweight, and responsive, what really stands out about Woostify is its flexibility. It’s fully compatible with numerous page-builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc., and with a wide range of popular plugins. It also comes with multiple layouts for product page styles, multi-step checkouts and shopping carts, and strong multilingual support.

The Pro version comes with 15+ smart add-ons that resolve numerous, often troublesome issues, including everything you could ever want to do with headers.

For more information, please see our complete review of Woostify.

Have a WooCommerce Theme That Belongs on This List?

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