One of the things that we love about WordPress and WooCommerce is that they keep growing in capabilities and flexibility.

One of the things that we hate about WordPress and WooCommerce is that they keep growing in capabilities and complexity. This is particularly true of specialized themes and plugins, each of which has its own configuration requirements and its own way of doing things.

That's why we're always on the lookout for solutions that simplify our life and save us time, which explains why we're writing this article about StoreCustomizer, formerly known as "WooCustomizer".

What is StoreCustomizer?

StoreCustomizer lets you edit many aspects of your WooCommerce store without touching any code. This eliminates the need for most child themes or custom PHP and CSS code snippets.

Even better, it does this using an intuitive interface and high-quality, lightweight code.

Here's a quick look at the plugin:

Pretty cool, right? Note, in particular, that there is no great learning curve to using StoreCustomizer. Everything you need is right in front of you in WordPress's familiar Customizer interface. Not sure what a feature does? Just set it and instantly see for yourself. If you don't like it, just reverse the setting and continue on your way.

If only all plugins were this easy!

As an added bonus, it is generally a pleasure working with the themes and plugins created by Kaira. They know what they're doing — a point we'll expand on later in this article.

StoreCustomizer Features Free Version

As is the case with many WordPress & WooCommerce plugins, there is both a free and a premium version of Storecustomizer. Here are just some of the features included in the free version:

  • change the number of products displayed on each WooCommerce Shop page
  • change the number of product columns on your Shop & Archive pages
  • remove elements from the Shop, Archive, and Product pages
  • edit your Shop and Archive sales banners
  • edit the Add To Carton buttons for simple, variable, and grouped products
  • remove WooCommerce breadcrumbs from Shop and/or Product pages
  • add product statistics on the front-end for administrators
  • remove shipping & billing fields on the WooCommerce Checkout page
  • edit the product gallery by turning off features such as Image Zoom, Image Lightbox, and the Image Slider
  • remove WooCommece Product page elements
  • remove or edit the Product page tabs
  • edit the Related Products and Recommended Products sections
  • edit product text parts
  • add a product long description after tabs
  • show Amount Sold for each product
  • add a Back to Shop button
  • add a price suffix to include text like "including VAT"
  • edit your empty WooCommerce Cart page
  • remove the Order Extra Notes section from your Checkout page
  • show neater account tables
  • add an image to your checkout page for improved security
  • add extra text under the Place Order button on the Checkout page

StoreCustomizer Premium Features

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we are big fans of high-quality, premium plugins, and not because people pay us to say that. We do not accept affiliate fees for any of the themes or plugins that we review. We advocate high-quality, premium plugins because nobody sits around writing professional software for free. So if you want professional software, you're going to have to pay for it. Heck, we'll go further than that: you should want to pay for it so that it'll continue to be available and fully supported.

That's our rant for the day. Here are StoreCustomizer's best premium features:

Catalogue Mode

StoreCustomizer can help you turn your WooCommerce store into a beautiful online catalog:

Ajax Product Search

Advanced search capabilities, anyone?

Product Quick View

Create and configure a WooCommerce Product Quick View with zero pain or frustration. We remember a time when achieving this level of control took days of coding wizardry, you know, back when we had to walk 10 kilometers to work uphill both ways. This is almost criminal by comparison:

Menu Cart

If you're one of those people who occasionally gets shopping fever and starts adding multiple items to your shopping cart, you're going to love this feature. Instead of having to open the shopping cart to see what kind of damage you've piled up, you can just access that information in a menu drop-down:

Handheld Footer Menu Bar

Ever visit an eCommerce store where you can't find what you're looking for without jumping through navigational hoops? Yeah, well, this is the opposite of that:

Custom Thank-You Pages

This is almost getting embarrassing at this point. What is Kaira trying to do? Spoil WooCommerce store owners? Saying "thank you" shouldn't be this easy:

StoreCustomizer has even more features in the pipeline. We only covered the ones that have good videos. But I'm sure you get the idea!

StoreCustomizer User Reviews and General Quality

At the time of writing this article, StoreCustomizer had received 102 reviews at 93 of these, or roughly 91 %, were 5-star.

For a plugin that is only two years old, meaning the lion's share of its history includes a customary shake-out period, we consider these numbers to be excellent.

Kaira has an even longer history of building WordPress themes, and if you check out their most popular themes, with tens of thousands of combined active installs, the vast majority of reviews are 5-star.

Finally, we did a broad internet sweep for complaints or problems with the company or its lead developer, which all came back clean.

In a nutshell, these guys know what they're doing and they have the track record to prove it. Please note, we do not accept or receive affiliate fees for any of our articles. These articles are written solely as a value-add for our paying customers.

StoreCustomizer Pricing

As of the publication of this article, here is the pricing panel for StoreCustomizer Pro:

StoreCustomizer Pricing Panel

$49 a year for 1 site. To put that in perspective, you'll pay at least that for one hour of a professional programmer's time, if not 2x. From a value standpoint, StoreCustomizer is a no-brainer.

Wrapping Up

We are constantly on the lookout for WooCommerce themes and plugins that provide the following:

  • exceptional value
  • makes the life of a WooCommerce owner noticeably easier
  • superb quality as measured not only by users reviews but also a long track record of delivering quality products

StoreCustomizer fulfills all of these requirements, which is why we've added it to our Best WooCommerce Plugins list.

Click here to visit StoreCustomizer's website.

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