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In recent years, e-commerce business has become a popular way to start a business. After all, who doesn’t like to make money while you sleep?

Making Money While You Sleep

However, to achieve this goal, you need to create a professional online shopping system. There are too many aspects of this to do everything by yourself, so a smart entrepreneur will look for pre-built components.

This is one of the great strengths of both WordPress & WooCommerce. Together, they offer thousands of pre-built components in the form of themes & plugins.

Themes are especially important to the look & feel of your online business. If you can find the perfect theme, you can get your e-commerce site up and running in no time.

That’s where LTheme comes in. They offer 300+ free WordPress & WooCommece themes, all professionally designed and fully responsive.

A Quick Tour of LTheme

Want to see what we mean? Click here to open up a separate tab for LTheme’s responsive WordPress themes.

The first thing that we love about LTheme is how well organized their theme galleries are:

LTheme WordPress Theme Gallery

The Feature & Compatibility options at the top left of the gallery page allow you to choose the general type of theme. For example, you can navigate to just WooCommerce themes or just themes that are compatible with the Elementor Page Builder.

Want to find themes by business category instead? Just use the Theme Categories section.

For example, opening a BBQ-style restaurant? Select the Restaurant theme category and choose the LT BBQ theme:

LTheme LT BBQ Theme

Opening a hotel instead? No problem. Try the LT Travel theme:

LTheme LT Travel Theme

And by “try”, we don’t mean to just look at the pretty pictures. Below the feature image on every theme page is a thick blue bar with a View Live Demo option:

View Live Demo Option

The resulting demonstration site is a near-fully functioning website that not only lets you explore the theme’s possibilities. In our experience, it will also give you many solid ideas about how you should design your own e-commerce site.

For example, take a look at the thought put into this Destination page on the travel site:

LTheme LT Travel Destination Page

This is commercially ready. At best, you probably need only tweak a few style elements.

Need a professional travel blog?

LTheme LT Travel Blog Page

Again, this is straight out of the box, meaning that you can get your blog up and running with minimal effort.

With hundreds of themes to explore like this, chances are that you will find a theme that matches your business. But that’s only your starting point.

Why Should You Choose a Theme From LTheme?

First of all, LTheme’s WordPress themes are free. To be clear, we don’t think that you’ll stick with the free option. The premium packages from LTheme are too compelling to ignore, and we’ll explain why shortly.

But free as a starting point is ideal. Combined with the ability to thoroughly explore your options, you will already save a lot of time and money in your initial design phase.

However, businesses never just stay in the design phase — at least not the successful ones. What is far more important as your online business evolves is its underlying foundation — in this case, its technical foundation.

All LTheme themes are based on the Elementor Page Builder, which means that you can conveniently customize your site using drag & drop tools (i.e. no coding skills). Elementor is widely recognized as one of the top WordPress page builders. With more than 5 million active installations, it is not going anywhere. And because it’s in an ongoing dogfight with all the other top page builders, you are guaranteed that it will continue to evolve as you do.

LTheme themes are fully responsive. In fact, they’re designed to be mobile-first, which is now considered best practice. Want to test this out? Launch one of their live demos on a mobile device and see for yourself.

The themes are fast. Again, check out the live demos.

They are stable and highly compatible with professional WordPress plugins. Anyone who has ever had to track down a WordPress compatibility error knows the value of this.

They’re WooCommerce ready. For those of you who don’t know, WooCommerce is not only the top e-commerce plugin for WordPress; it’s also the top e-commerce platform in the world.

Are they SEO-friendly? Yes, though, to be honest, we don’t put a lot of stock in this, as we rely on SEO plugins like Yoast to manage most of our SEO requirements.

The point of all of the above is that LTheme themes are based on solid fundamentals, meaning that e-commerce owners can safely focus on business issues instead of technical ones.

But even that very important point is not why we decided to write this article. WP All Import has been in the WordPress world for a very long time. As you can imagine, we’ve seen many WordPress theme and plugin companies come and go. Our main lesson from this is that WordPress companies are what they do. Or, as NFL coaches like to say, you are what your record says you are.

LTheme as a Company

The first thing that drew our attention to LTheme was the effort they put into their demos. Without mentioning any names, not many theme-makers go to the trouble of a) making 300+ themes so that you can find something that matches your business, and b) then puts so much effort into the theme demos that you can use them to fully explore and even inspire your own design ideas.

This tells you something about the people who are running LTheme. But we don’t recommend themes or plugins to our clients based on appearances alone. So we dug deeper. Here, for example, are the types of online reviews that you will find about LTheme from Trustpilot:

Customer Reviews

Open this link and you will see more of the same:

Now, to be candid, online reviews can be manipulated, so we don’t put a lot of trust in them. What we like to do, before recommending a theme or plugin, is to actively search for complaints, problems, etc. We check our support logs for mentions of any problems, visit our favorite forums, and ask some of our many WordPress contacts.

In short, we try to dig up dirt, and after a solid effort to do so, we can categorically state that LTheme is clean. We can find lots of people saying good things about them, and no one saying anything bad. 

For a company with 225,000 customers around the world, that's impressive!

Premium Packages

Like most of us operating in the WordPress landscape, LTheme generates revenue through the sale of premium packages. In their case, they offer 3 premium plans for WordPress users. We’re going to show you screenshots of each of them just so that we can discuss the differences. First up is their Personal plan:

LTheme Personal Plan

All plans give you access to the PRO versions of all themes, unlimited domains/projects, and participation in LTheme’s public forum support system.

At $6.75/month or $81 per year, the Personal plan does not give you access to their private ticket support system or unlimited lifetime access to all of the above.

The Business plan grants you access to the private ticket support system at the increased price of $10.87/month or $130.50/year.

LTheme Business Plan

Finally, the Developer plan gives you unlimited lifetime access for a one-time price of $224.25:

LTheme Developer Plan

Obviously, these screenshots are as of the publication date of this article. Please check this page for updated plans & prices.

Final Thoughts on LTheme

With 100,000s of active installs and 12,000 paying customers in 62 countries around the world, we make our living helping online websites & businesses.

As you can imagine, while providing support for WordPress’s leading data import/export plugin, we run into a lot of different website configurations and technologies.

The lessons from this are clear: if you want to build a successful online business, pay attention to your fundamentals and don’t skimp on technology. Don’t be the entrepreneur who opts for the quickest, cheapest solution at every turn, or you will wake up one day, perhaps on the cusp of success, only to find that you have built a house of cards.

Go for quality instead. LTheme is a quality company that makes quality, business-specific themes. We are convinced that if we send some of our valuable customers their way, those customers will not be disappointed.

If we weren’t convinced of that, we wouldn’t have clicked the Publish button on this article.

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