As we've stated many times in our blog posts, we love premium plugins. Not because we make money pitching them — we don't. You won't find any affiliate links in our plugin reviews. No, we love premium plugins because they provide serious, in-depth solutions for professional websites.

To be honest, we could classify every version of FooGallery this way. But we're going to focus mainly on its top premium version, called "PRO Commerce", because of its deep integration with WooCommerce. We've made this choice because great e-commerce sites and great images go hand-in-hand, and FooGallery PRO Commerce does an excellent job of supporting the WooCommerce sales process.

Why Use a Product Gallery of Any Kind with WooCommerce?

FooGallery Product Gallery 02

There are numerous reasons to use a product gallery with WooCommerce. These include:

  • A gallery can showcase product images in interesting and eye-catching ways.
  • It can help with page load times because it uses smaller images instead of loading full-size images.
  • Many galleries offer lazy loading, which delays the image load until the user scrolls the image into view. This also improves page speed.
  • A gallery presents a succinct snapshot of your products so you don’t need to traverse long pages of full-size images or click through to different products. You can group products in a gallery so customers can find what they’re looking for easily and quickly.
  • If you make use of gallery filters or gallery search, you can make it even easier for customers to find the products they want to see. 
  • Full-size images can be quickly opened in a gallery lightbox, so customers can still see a product in full detail when needed.
  • All in all, galleries make it easier for customers to view and therefore buy products, which can help with conversions. 

Why Use FooGallery PRO Commerce with WooCommerce?

Covering all the features for FooGallery PRO Commerce would make for a very long article, so we're going to focus on the top reasons to use this plugin.

Reason #1 — WooCommerce Integration

You've set up all your products in WooCommerce but decide that you don't like the default product gallery presentation. How would you feel about having to re-enter some of your product information a second time?

Not very good, which is why we love FooGallery's seamless integration with WooCommerce. Once you've created your products in WooCommerce, you can just pull them directly into a FooGallery product gallery, complete with pricing, product descriptions, promotional pricing, and more.

FooGallery WooCommerce Integration

Even better, because the connection between FooGallery and WooCommerce is live, any changes you make to WooCommerce products are automatically updated in the gallery, so need for any duplicate data processes!

Reason #2 — Advanced E-Commerce Settings

Do you hate tweaking code in WordPress/WooCommerce? We're programmers and we hate doing this, mostly because it's time-consuming, error-prone, and you have to go fishing through documentation to remember what you've done.

It's so much better to make your changes through a professional interface that is self-documenting and has already been debugged:

FooGallery Ecommerce Settings

FooGallery's e-commerce settings allow you to control every e-commerce aspect of a product gallery, no custom coding required.

Reason #3 — Flexible Call-to-Action Buttons and Sales Ribbons

When it comes to online sales, has anyone ever regretted having flexibility in their call-to-action options? Check out the different buttons in this gallery:

FooGallery Call-to-Action Buttons

This isn't just a case of flexible wording on the buttons. Button actions can add a product to the cart, add it to the cart and redirect to that cart or the checkout page, or they can redirect to the product page. It's all up to you! Also, you can add buttons to the gallery thumbnails and/or the full-size images.

FooGallery PRO Commerce offers similar flexibility with sales ribbons:

FooGallery Sales Ribbons

With this kind of flexibility, the only excuse you have for not creating great-looking product galleries is laziness. Sorry, we call it as we see it!

Reason #4 — Built-in Filter Capabilities

Do you know what's better than big beautiful product galleries? Small product galleries that show you only the products you're looking for:

FooGallery Filters

Click the category filter along the top, then look at the relevant products. Click, look. Click, look. Could shopping get any easier?

Reason #5 — Product Variant Support

Let's say that you have a product with multiple color variants. Would you rather describe those color variants using text or an image? Here's our answer:

FooGallery Product Variations

Where there are visual differences between a product's variants, there is simply no substitute for images that show those differences.

Reason #6 — Other Features

The features we've described to this point are specific to the PRO Commerce version, but FooGallery comes with a long list of other features, such as:

  • gallery templates to give you a great headstart
  • Retina thumbnail support
  • advanced pagination
  • a built-in lightbox
  • loading and hover icons and effects
  • custom captions
  • custom colors
  • video support including mixed images and videos
  • tag filtering
  • gallery search
  • dynamic galleries
  • a Master Gallery feature that allows you to set up one master gallery as a template for all your other galleries on the site

This is what we meant when we said "serious, in-depth solutions for professional websites" — a plugin designed to address all of your requirements for image/product galleries.

FooGallery Pricing

Here is the yearly pricing panel for FooGallery as of late April 2022.

FooGallery Pricing Panel

You can also purchase monthly or lifetime plans.

For example, the PRO Commerce version can also be purchased for $9.99 per month or $299.00 for the lifetime license.

FooGallery User Reviews and General Quality

At the time of writing this article, FooGallery had received 767 reviews at 693 or 90 % of these were 5-star reviews. Active installations were more than 200,000.

As a company with similar numbers ourselves across multiple plugins, we can tell you that these numbers are not easy to achieve. They require a dedicated team with many years of subject-matter expertise and strong customer support.

We also note that FooGallery appears to have responded to any complaints on the website, however minor. We consider this to be another positive sign.

As we always do for every plugin that we review, we also performed a much wider sweep of the internet looking for complaints about FooGallery. We didn't find any skeletons in their closet.

Wrapping Up

We are constantly on the lookout for WooCommerce themes and plugins that provide the following:

  • exceptional value
  • makes the life of a WooCommerce owner noticeably easier
  • superb quality as measured not only by user reviews but also a long track record of delivering quality products

FooGallery appears to fulfill all of these criteria.

For more information on this plugin, please visit FooGallery's website.

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