WooCommerce has a built-in capacity to export a customer list. Just go to WooCommerce > Customers and click the Download button in the upper-right corner of the list. You can also filter the list, but you cannot alter its layout. To do that, you're going to need a third-party plugin.

The best plugin to export a WooCommerce customer list is WP All Export, which includes the following features:

  • filter your customer list exports with the most powerful filter tool in the industry;
  • easily select and re-order your customer export columns;
  • create custom export columns on the fly by merging existing columns, applying calculations, or even applying conditional logic;
  • export custom user fields added by third-party themes or plugins;
  • schedule your customer exports to run automatically;
  • connect your customer exports to external applications using Zapier;
  • translate your customer list into other languages;

Even better, WP All Export will also export WooCommerce products, orders, reviews, coupons, and taxonomies, as well as any custom post types added by WooCommerce extensions. Additionally, you can export WordPress posts, pages, users, comments, and pretty much anything else inside the WordPress or WooCommerce universe.

The advantage of having a universal export tool like this cannot be understated because it offers the same experience for all these different types of exports. This means that if you learn to export a WooCommerce customer list, you can use the exact same skills to export anything.

How to Export Your WooCommerce Customer List

  1. Install the pro versions of WP All Export and the WooCommerce Add-On.
  2. Go to All Export > New Export and choose WooCommerce Customers.
  3. Create filters, if needed.
  4. Use the Drag & Drop interface to select your customer export columns. You can also merge columns or create custom columns on the fly.
  5. Run your export and download your customer list.

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