We have a couple pieces of very exciting news to share: we now have an import add-on for Toolset Types and Automatic Scheduling is now available for WP All Import.

Toolset Types Add-On

The Toolset Types Add-On is available today as a free beta. It already supports most of the fields included in Toolset Types 3.0. We're hard at work adding support for the remaining features, patching bugs, and polishing off the rough edges. Once the beta period is complete, updates for the beta will stop and you'll need to purchase the add-on for $69. You can download the beta for free, right here, right now.

To be clear: this software is in beta. It has bugs. Use it with caution. We will happily provide support, but will not be responsible for any damage done to your site as a result of using this software.

Automatic Scheduling

Our new service, Automatic Scheduling, is now available for WP All Import. This was added to WP All Export earlier in the year, and now you can use it to schedule your imports too. The service costs $9/mo, and you can use the same subscription to schedule unlimited imports and unlimited exports on an unlimited number of websites. Click here to subscribe to Automatic Scheduling.