We’d love to hear from you. We are dedicated to providing excellent support. To contact us, send an e-mail to support@wpallimport.com, or fill out the form below.

We give priority to requests submitted through the form, because it helps us get the exact information we need to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, which eliminates needless back-and-forth e-mails.

Our goal is to provide you a solution to your problem with our first response. That is not always possible but we try our best!

Or you can try our full service, white glove import service. Send us your data and we’ll import it in to your site for a flat fee of $4999. Click here for more information.

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  • Debugging Installation
    Reporting a problem, or need us to help you with your import settings? Please reproduce your import on our demo server (opens in new window).
  • Response Times & Scope of Support

    If you're reporting a problem and didn't reproduce it on our demo server, it is very likely that we will ask you to reproduce it on our demo server.

    Between normal business hours on Monday and Friday you can usually expect a reply in 24 hours or less. Support is generally unavailable on the weekends, and tickets received on Friday are usually handled the following Monday.

    Support tickets are answered in the order in which they are received, oldest first.
    Every time you send an email your ticket is bumped to the back of the queue.

    We are happy to help you with questions about WP All Import. We can't write PHP code for you, help you with your theme, or support other plugins. Please view the support policy for more details.