A few years ago, we announced that WPML launched an add-on for WP All Import that helps you move multilingual content from one WordPress site to another. Even though many still use this add-on, the WPML team launched a brand new one that provides even better support for handling your multilingual content imports and exports. 

You may be asking why they didn’t just go ahead and update the existing WP All Import add-on. It's because the new WPML Export & Import add-on plugin is a more robust, universal solution and provides a compatibility ‘layer’ for various third-party plugins, including WP All Import and Export, of course!

Why Use This New Addon?

To put it simply, other solutions include steps that make the process more challenging than it needs to be. For example, you might be required to make manual changes to import files and have to tediously reconnect primary and secondary language content. 

For large sites in particular, this can get challenging and time-consuming. With the new add-on, you no longer have to worry about such steps. Instead:

  • Simply install and activate the addon on both the site you’re exporting from and the one you’re importing to
  • When you export your content, it works in the background to add language information to the CSV or XML file you generate. 
  • After importing, all you’ll need to do is run the addon again, and WPML will do the work to make sure all your content is properly connected and cleaned up. 

See It in Action

Here is an example of how you can use WP All Import Pro (and its WooCommerce add-on) and WPML Export and Import for importing WooCommerce products into your multilingual store from a spreadsheet:

You can find a text version of this tutorial in our documentation.

How to Get This Addon

This addon is available to all clients with a WPML license and can be found in the Downloads section of your WPML account. For detailed steps and documentation, please refer to the lower section of the WPML Export & Import project page. It is worth noting that the Pro version of WP All Import is recommended for the most advanced multilingual capabilities.