Please note, as of 2024, WPML has a new export and import add-on that greatly improves workflows for handling multilingual content when using WP All Import and Export. Even though the original WP All Import add-on still works, we recommend using the new one, given its improved usability. For additional info, you can check: 

You can read the announcement for the new add-on here: Easier Multilingual Imports With a New WPML Add-on.

Multilingual imports are now easy & fast.

We're happy to announce that the WPML add-on is back, this time developed and supported by OnTheGoSystems, creators of WPML. The add-on is available for free and compatible with the WooCommerce add-on.

A detailed description and walkthrough is available here:


You'll need an account with in order to download the add-on. Once logged in, the add-on can be downloaded here:

Support is provided by the WPML team: