WP All Import 4.0 beta is now available, and we need your help to test it and make the final 4.0 release as stable and reliable as possible.

We'll talk more about what's new in 4.0 once we release the final version of 4.0, but for now, you can watch this video if you want a preview of 4.0 without having to install the beta.

What's new in 4.0?
We're launching a brand new website for WP All Import 4.0 that will explain all of the features, contain detailed documentation and video tutorials, and much more. The website will launch when we release the final version of v4. Until then, we won't be publishing information or taking questions about v4 features - so for now, the only way to find out is to install the beta. Stay tuned for a blog post when we release the final version of v4 for an in-depth list of enhancements.

How "stable" is this beta?
Don't use it in a production environment. It has not been well-tested. All testing so far has been done by me, Max, and Antonio. We will release additional betas over the coming weeks as bug reports come in.

How do I report problems and bugs?
It's easiest for us if you e-mail them to [email protected], with a subject line of 4.0 beta problem: <a few words describing the problem>

How do I get the beta?
You can download the beta in the customer portal.

If you're using any add-ons with WP All Import, you'll need to use the 4.0 versions of those add-ons - which are also in beta, and available in the customer portal.

Can I upgrade a 3.x installation to 4.0 beta?
Yes. Please keep in mind WP All Import 4.0 is a BETA. That means it has not been well-tested, and probably contains significant bugs. Do not use this on a production site.


1. Perform a COMPLETE backup of your site.

2. Do you have files in /wp-content/plugins/wpallimport/upload? If so, move them to /wp-content/uploads/wpallimport/files/. "wpallimport" and "files" won't exist yet - so create them manually, and chmod them to 0777.

3. Remove WP All Import 3.x and all add-ons from your site. On the Plugins page of your WordPress admin, de-activate and delete them.

4. Install 4.0 and any add-ons you need the normal way - download the .zip files from the customer portal, and install them just as you would install any other WordPress plugin.

6. Expect bugs migrating complex imports from v3 to v4. Double check your import settings and templates (Edit Options and Import Settings links on the Manage Imports page) and verify they are correct before re-running an import, or allowing a cron import to run!

7. Report bugs to [email protected]!

What about the WPML add-on?
The WPML add-on for WP All Import will not be updated for WP All Import 4.0.