We've just released new versions of WP All Import and WP All Export. This round of updates was focused on making WP All Export even better and streamlining WP All Import integration.

Auto Generated Exports

WP All Export makes it really easy to create a customized CSV or XML file from data in WordPress. But what if you don't care how the data is structured in the XML or CSV? What if you just want to move your WooCommerce products from one site to another?

Now you can auto generate your export settings. We'll put together a nice and pretty export file with all of the necessary data. We're going to roll this out to as many data types as possible, but for right now we can only auto generate exports for WooCommerce Products.

So, now you've created your export file in a couple clicks. Since WP All Export created this file, WP All Import should know how to import it without you telling it what to do. This brings us to the next big new feature.

Import Bundles

WP All Export and WP All Import now support Bundles - a zip file containing your data file and the import settings for WP All Import. So you can auto generate your export data, download the Bundle, and then import all of your products somewhere else using WP All Import.

Since all of the import settings are already there, you won't need to configure anything in WP All Import - we've already set everything up for you.

All exports now have the option to download the Bundle, and you can manually create your own by simply zipping your import template and data together.

Better Order Exports

Last time we added support for exporting WooCommerce Orders, but it didn't support any custom data added by WooCommerce Extensions. Now you can export any data associated with your WooCommerce Orders.

Export Files Moved

The export file name is now going to be the friendly name of your export, which can be edited in on the 'Edit Options' page in WP All Export. We've also moved the location of your exported files, they now live in wp-content/uploads/wpallexport/exports.

We promise not to move them or rename again.

Updates All Around

All in all, we've updated almost all of our Pro plugins. For the add-ons, the updates were mostly focused on bug fixes. Here are the latest versions of everything that's been updated:

  • WP All Import Pro 4.2
  • WP All Export Pro 1.1
  • WooCommerce Add-On Pro 2.2
  • ACF Add-On 3.0.8
  • Link Cloaking Add-On

Help Make WP All Export Better

We are hard at work making WP All Export even better. If you have any feedback at all we really want to hear it. Things WP All Export does that it shouldn’t, things it doesn’t do that it should, things you love, things you hate, things you use it for, things you wish you could use it for – anything.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with WP All Export. Just send an email to [email protected].