We're extremely proud to announce the release of our much-anticipated WooCommerce add-on for WP All Import, and WP All Import 3.1.

Introducing the WooCommerce add-on...

The WooCommerce add-on adds screens that look just like WooCommerce to Step 4 of WP All Import, providing a visual, drag & drop interface for importing to WooCommerce.

Here's what it looks like:

Click here to watch the demo video and read about all the features.

New Features in WP All Import 3.1...

WP All Import 3.1 adds a number of powerful new features and fixes some bugs.

Auto-detection of possible Custom Field values. Now you can see exactly what needs to go in your Custom Fields by manually creating a post/Custom Post Type and filling out the fields you want to import to with WP All Import. WP All Import will then show you the possible values for these fields. No more guessing whether you need to enter 0/1, true/false, or Yes/No in a Custom Field box to a set an option or checkbox - WP All Import will tell you the answer.

Built-in mapping function. If you have x, y, and z as possible values in your feed, and you need to import Location A for x, Location B for y, and Location C for z, you can do it with the new built-in mapping function.

The following example would return Rent if {property_type[1]} is 1, Buy if {property_type[1]} is 2, Unavailable if {property_type[1]} is 3.

[wpai_util_map('1,2,3', ‘Rent,Buy,Unavailable’, {property_type[1]})]

Import/export templates. You can save the settings you use in Step 3 and Step 4 of WP All Import and export them to another installation of WP All Import.

Auto-rename imported images. If your feed provider provides images with unfriendly filenames - something like c87wgd0s87wgds-a9s8d-AAx.jpg, you can have WP All Import auto-rename them to something more friendly - you can choose the file name based on element values in your XML/CSV.

Lots of bug fixes and enhancements. tempnam compatibility, feed extension detection, improved warning messages, improved handling of HTML in CSV files, code optimization, CSS, chunking process, DB schema, API, cron imports over FTP, images with wrong extensions, Custom Fields not showing on Pages tab, various optimizations, WP_IMPORTING, keep attachments when updating an import, keep missing records and set a Custom Fields (SEO), and more.