We’re happy to announce a round of releases for WP All Import and our add-ons.

Import from FTP

People have been asking for this for years, and in that time we actually built it a few times. We never ended up shipping it because FTP is too much of a pain and we couldn't figure out how to build an integration that wasn't horrible and frustrating. But, after a couple rounds of UI work, we think we got it.

All of the work went into making it fault-tolerant and easy to select the file you want to use. It will retry a lot of common mistakes like the port or file protocol, and instead of having to type out the file path, it will open an FTP connection with a file browser so you can select the correct file.

WP All Import v4.6.4

  • New Feature: Import files from FTP
  • improvement: deprecate 'High Speed Small File Processing' import option
  • improvement: allow multiple import IDs to be passed to WP-CLI
  • improvement: sort imports by friendly name
  • improvement: improve import speed when matching WooCommerce products by _sku custom field
  • bug fix: 'Change image file names' setting used when 'Use images currently in Media Library' is selected
  • bug fix: existing Reviews content type conflicts with WooCommerce Reviews
  • bug fix: 'Use images currently in Media Library' option tries to match images in content section
  • bug fix: periods removed from cron job keys when saving plugin settings
  • bug fix: references in 'pmxi_posts' table for terms imported via 'Taxonomies' imports removed on plugin deactivation
  • bug fix: invalid images in post content downloaded as HTML pages
  • bug fix: chromium scroll anchoring causes screen jumping effect
  • bug fix: pagenum query argument causes broken link on import complete screen
  • bug fix: WPML translations matching don't work for product variations in some cases
  • bug fix: unable to match existing comments/reviews by custom field
  • bug fix: unable to import existing files from sub folders
  • bug fix: disabling 'Keep images currently in Media Library' invalidates hashes when 'Images' aren't set to be updated
  • bug fix: changing image options in add-ons using Rapid Add-On API doesn't invalidate hashes
  • bug fix: post created/updated/deleted counts disappear from 'Import in Progress' page upon import completion

WooCommerce Add-On v3.2.5

  • improvement: add option to import default attributes via xpath
  • bug fix: email sent when order status changed to completed
  • bug fix: re-running an import with 'Skip posts if their data in your file has not changed' removes product variations in some cases
  • bug fix: enabling 'Link all variations' and 'Delete posts no longer present in your file' results in variations being deleted
  • bug fix: unable to add parent SKU when importing products as child element in XML
  • bug fix: post author for first product variation not imported properly
  • bug fix: product attributes for first product variation not imported properly
  • bug fix: changing parent sku creates duplicate variations
  • bug fix: order line items are imported even if the quantity is 0
  • bug fix: WooCommerce lookup table not cleaned up when products deleted via cron
  • bug fix: linked product matching attempted during the import process before all products are imported
  • bug fix: featured image not updated when only 'Images' is set to be updated in 'Choose which data to update'
  • bug fix: selective hashing missing for WooCommerce order imports
  • bug fix: all product attributes updated when choosing only to update specific attributes for child XML variations
  • bug fix: attributes containing '#' character not imported properly
  • bug fix: 'Tax amount per unit' field disappears in order import options
  • bug fix: 'Enable reviews' option not migrated
  • bug fix: product_shipping_class taxonomy not updated
  • bug fix: advanced options are not pre-selected in the 3rd (and all subsequent) attributes in 'Attributes' tab
  • bug fix: order author is updated when only updating order status

ACF Add-On v3.2.9

  • improvement: add support for table field
  • improvement: check post types when searching by ID for relationship fields
  • bug fix: UI broken for True False field
  • bug fix: 'Select value for all records' not working for 'Taxonomy' fields

User Add-On v1.1.4

  • improvement: add 'Skip posts if their data in your file has not changed'
  • improvement: allow multiple user roles to be set for both users and customers

Link Cloaking Add-On v1.1.3

  • improvement: better import performance