We’re happy to announce a round of releases for our Pro plugins. This is a huge update, with some features we’ve been working on for quite a while.

Import Comments & Reviews

This is one of our most requested features and we’re happy to get it out into your hands. You can now import comments and WooCommerce reviews. This comes with all the power and flexibility you’ve come to expect, including the ability to migrate automatically with WP All Export Pro.

Import Performance

The performance gains here are immense, it’s hard to describe them without it sounding like we’re exaggerating. We actually ran the performance tests a few times because we didn’t believe them.

Matching posts by custom field: We’ve optimized the process that WP All Import Pro uses to find posts when importing to existing items and matching by custom fields, for example, an import to update stock in products and matching by SKU. In our tests we saw these imports complete 5x faster.

Skip posts if their data in your file has not changed: As posts are imported, WP All Import Pro will keep track of its data in your file. When enabled, posts will be skipped if their data hasn’t changed since the last time you ran the import. How much faster is this? If the data hasn’t changed, imports that used to take hours will complete in minutes.

WP All Import Pro v4.6.2

  • improvement: Import Comments
  • improvement: Import WooCommerce Reviews
  • improvement: Skip updating records when data in import file has not changed
  • improvement: Optimize speed when matching updated posts by custom field or SKU
  • improvement: Disable scheduled imports via Automatic Scheduling UI
  • API: add post ID to wp_all_import_images_uploads_dir
  • bug fix: CodeMirror throws missing dependencies error
  • bug fix: when using Match Images by URL images are also matched by filename
  • bug fix: CSV column header detection causes issues in some cases

WooCommerce Add-On v3.2.3

  • API: extend pmwi_tab_content action with new argument for import options
  • bug fix: import order products meta data delimited by pipe symbol

ACF Add-On v3.2.7

  • bug fix: Multiple Select field not imported correctly

WP All Export Pro v1.6

  • improvement: Export WooCommerce Reviews
  • improvement: Migrate Comments and WooCommerce Reviews
  • improvement: Export Cost of Goods Sold to Google Merchant Center
  • improvement: Add WP_Query support for Toolset Types exports
  • bug fix: time not exported in fields with date and time
  • bug fix: date filters with ‘equal or older than’ doesn't include dates equal to the filter value
  • bug fix: no default value for "Set to false if product has no GTIN or MPN"
  • bug fix: PHP 7.3 warnings when exporting Excel files