If the plugin user interface doesn't look right after updating, refresh the page or clear your browser cache.

Please read this post before updating your site to WP All Import v4 (version number 3.2.0) or upgrading your WooCommerce add-on to 1.2.0.

This post is only applicable if you are using the free versions of WP All Import and/or the WooCommerce add-on, available from WordPress.org. WP All Import Pro customers should read this post instead.

Should I upgrade?
There are no known security issues in 3.x, so you can just keep using that if you want. However, if you are using the free version of WP All Import, we recommend always keeping up to date with the latest versions of our products because we have no way to notify you about security issues. For our paying customers, if we ever find a security issue, we'll e-mail you. But if you are using the free version, we don't have a way to notify you. Read this post for more info.

Why is the version number 3.2.0?
Along with the release of WP All Import Pro 4.0 we've also updated our free versions on WordPress.org with the new 4.0 codebase. The version numbers we are using on WordPress.org are 3.2.0 for WP All Import and 1.2.0 for our WooCommerce add-on. Don't worry - you're still running 4.0. The version numbers on WordPress.org are just going to lag behind the real version numbers for some time to ensure none of our paying customers running 3.4.x accidentally "upgrade" to the free version on WordPress.org.

How do I upgrade?
Do a complete backup of your site before upgrading. Then upgrade from the Plugins page of your WordPress admin panel. Important: After upgrading, double check your import settings to make sure everything is correct before re-running any of your imports. You may also need to clear your browser cache, or refresh the plugin pages.