We're releasing updates for all of our Pro plugins. We've been working on these updates for quite a while and are very excited to share them with you.

Coming Soon: Order Imports

One of the main reasons this update was so long in the making was that we originally intended to include the ability to import and migrate WooCommerce orders. We are close to this functionality being ready, but decided to pull it from this release to get these updates out in a timely manner.

Changes to WP All Export

This time around WP All Export saw the most improvement.

Overall UI Refresh

We took a good hard look at every page, panel, button, and option, cleaning things up and making WP All Export even easier to use. The changes made in this release will allow us to extend WP All Export even further in future releases.

Better Order Exports

  • Order data is better organized and easier to find
  • Can export all of the product data for purchased items

Better Media Exports

  • Media and attachment data can be individually exported
  • Complete control over the exported data
  • Can now pass order data through PHP functions
  • Featured and attached images/attachments can be exported however you like

Better Integration with WP All Import

  • Migrating products to another site is much easier
  • Migrating customers and users is much easier as well
  • Migrating ACF data is now fully supported

Better ACF Support

  • Repeater fields now fully supported
  • Lot's of bug fixes and improvements to ACF edge cases

There are of course a lot of other bug fixes and improvements in WP All Export. WP All Import has been updated with a lot of bug fixes, improvements, and import speed optimization. The WooCommerce Add-On, ACF Add-On, User Import Add-On, and the Link Cloaking Add-On have all been updated with bug fixes and minor improvements as well. You can view the full changelog on your website's plugins page.