Today we've released updates to all of our plugins with many improvements and bug fixes. Most importantly, you can now create completely custom XML exports to match any XML spec.

Just like the rest of WP All Export, it's very simple and very powerful. You write out an XML template, like this:


Everything inside the LOOP tags will be repeated for every exported post, with the {Title} and {Content} tags being replaced with that post's title and content. You can also pass the data through PHP functions like this:

<content>[str_replace( "foo", "bar", {Content} )]</content>

Of course, the above custom XML template is a very simple, basic example. This feature really shines when you need to create a custom XML feed to satisfy complicated XML specifications, like Zillow, Etsy, etc.

We've been working on this a long time and are excited to hear about all of the interesting ways you put it to use!

Coming Soon: Export & Import Taxonomies

Work on this feature is under way and will be included in the next release. You'll be able to import and export tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, with all of the flexibility that you have when importing posts.

Coming Soon: Google Merchant Center

Right now you can set up a custom XML export and upload the feed directly to Google Merchant Center. But we want to make it even easier.

If you have any experience at all with  Google Merchant Center please get in touch!