We are happy to announce that a recent update to WP All Export brings two features that we've been working on for a long time: Automatic Scheduling and Custom Export Fields.

Automatic Scheduling

This is a new, paid service from our team. Setting up an import or export to run on a schedule has always required cron jobs. Cron jobs are annoying, and no one enjoys dealing with them.

We've always wanted to make this a lot easier, with a user interface built right into WP All Import and WP All Export. WordPress does offer a way for developers to have the site itself handle scheduled processes like this, but in practice, it is unreliable and not suited for important tasks.

So, our solution is to build a hosted service that will make sure your imports and exports run when they need to run. Now, right inside WP All Export, and WP All Import, you can choose when you want your imports and exports to start, and our service will make sure that they start and run until finished.

Automatic Scheduling costs $9 per month for unlimited sites and unlimited imports/exports. The service is entirely optional, and all of the old cron endpoints still work and will always work. The service is available for WP All Import and WP All Export.

Custom Export Fields

WP All Export now comes with an easy way to combine any number of data elements, function calls, and static text into one export field.

We are very excited to get this into your hands – it makes WP All Export much more powerful and easier to use.