A growing number of creators and entrepreneurs are looking for effective solutions to build and manage their online membership sites. In this review, we'll explore SureMembers, a WordPress membership plugin that has quickly gained popularity. We'll evaluate its features, pricing options, and compare it with other plugins to help you decide if SureMembers is the right choice for your online business.

The SureMember Features

SureMembers comes equipped with a variety of features designed to simplify and enhance the membership site creation and management process. Whether you're a seasoned site owner or just starting, these features provide a solid foundation for your online venture. Let's delve into the key features that make SureMembers a powerful choice for your WordPress membership site.

1. Seamless Integration: The ability to integrate well with other popular plugins allows you to create a cohesive membership site experience. SureMembers ensures smooth operation alongside plugins like SureCart and Gutenberg. It also comes with native integration to its sister plugin “SureTriggers”. Which is a zapier like integration platform built specifically for WordPress. Combining SM with ST really opens up the doors to everything you can integrate with.

This level of compatibility saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on your content and members instead of troubleshooting technical issues.

2. Customizable Access Groups: Offering personalized experiences to your members is crucial for member satisfaction and retention. SureMembers enables you to create custom access groups for different membership levels, allowing you to segment your audience and offer tailored content or privileges according to the membership tier.

3. Content Protection and Restriction: With valuable content lying at the heart of a successful membership site, it's essential to safeguard it from unauthorized access. SureMembers ensures that only paying members gain access to your exclusive content. You can easily manage protection settings and restrictions, giving you control over accessibility and content management.

4. Drip Content Management: Managing content scheduling is pivotal in keeping members engaged and looking forward to more. SureMembers provides comprehensive control over when and how to release content to members, allowing you to establish a steady stream of fresh material. This feature also enables you to plan and organize your content release strategy, ensuring a balanced approach to feeding your members with regular updates.

5. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating through complex membership plugins can be challenging even for experienced site owners. SureMembers addresses this concern by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, eliminating unnecessary complications in site management. This ease of use ensures that you can operate and manage your membership site effectively without getting bogged down with technical burdens.

By incorporating these features, SureMembers takes convenience and functionality to the forefront, catering to creators who need an all-encompassing solution for their membership site needs. This range of capabilities, combined with exceptional compatibility, offers both novice and experienced site owners a comprehensive toolkit for launching and growing a thriving online membership business.

Pricing and Support

SureMembers understands the varying needs of different membership site owners and thus offers three main pricing plans:

Pro Plan: Priced at $69 per year, this plan is best suited for bloggers, individuals, and solopreneurs. It includes usage on one site, one year of updates and support, and 24/7 priority customer support.

Business Plan: At $99 per year, this plan targets freelancers, businesses, and professionals, allowing usage on up to five websites. It also includes a year's worth of updates and support along with 24/7 priority customer support.

Agency Plan: Designed for agencies and professionals managing clients, the Agency plan costs $149 per year, permitting usage on up to ten websites. It covers one-year updates, one-year support, and 24/7 priority customer service.

The pricing plans of SureMembers are comparable with other membership plugins on the market, offering a balance between affordability and functionality depending on the user's requirements. Whether you're an individual or an agency, SureMembers provides well-structured plans to fit your unique needs.

SureMembers also prides itself on its efficient and reliable customer support. The plugin experts are committed to helping users tackle technical challenges or providing guidance through any issues. Ensuring a smooth experience for SureMembers users as they build and manage their membership sites.

How Does SureMembers Measure Up?

Choosing the ideal membership plugin can make a significant difference in the success of your membership site. In this section, we'll compare SureMembers with other popular membership plugins available, focusing on crucial aspects like functionality, ease of use, and customizability.

1. MemberPress: Known for its robust feature set, MemberPress offers smooth integration and extensive compatibility with the WordPress ecosystem. While SureMembers has many similar features, MemberPress stands out regarding course offerings through MemberPress Courses and the ability to incorporate order bumps at checkout. However, SureMembers is praised for its ease-of-use and uncomplicated approach, which may appeal to users seeking a simpler, more user-friendly experience.

2. WishList Member: A long-standing player in the market, WishList Member offers support for unlimited membership levels and customizable signup processes, which gives it an edge over some other plugins in terms of flexibility. While SureMembers' features are equally powerful, WishList Member's long history and proven success may make it more appealing to creators who prefer a plugin with an established track record.

3. Member Mouse: Focusing on user experience and content dripping, Member Mouse is a feature-rich plugin that simplifies customer retention and upselling. SureMembers shares many similar features with Member Mouse, but the latter stands out with its built-in split-testing system, multisite compatibility, and extensive access logs and performance reports. These additional capabilities give Member Mouse an advantage in optimization and management for experienced site administrators.

4. Restrict Content Pro: Created by the same team behind Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro is known for its lightweight and intuitive nature. SureMembers competes well regarding user-friendliness, but Restrict Content Pro's extensible framework may attract advanced users who like to get their hands dirty with code and require a higher level of customization and adaptability.

SureMembers has carved a niche for itself in the market with its user-friendly approach, compatibility, and innovative features. Although it competes well with other established membership plugins, the choice ultimately depends on the specifics of your requirements and preferences. 

The SureMembers Pros and Cons: A Balancing Act

No membership plugin is perfect, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. It's crucial to weigh the pros and cons of SureMembers to assess whether this plugin is the right fit for your specific requirements. In this section, we'll break down the advantages and disadvantages of choosing SureMembers for your membership site.


  • Intuitive User Experience: SureMembers is designed with ease-of-use in mind, streamlining the process of managing a membership site for both experienced site owners and beginners. This user-friendly approach reduces the learning curve and ensures that you can quickly get your site up and running.
  • Seamless Integration with Essential Plugins: Compatibility is vital in a membership plugin, and SureMembers delivers by working smoothly with popular plugins like SureCart and Gutenberg. This seamless integration facilitates a hassle-free process of creating a cohesive membership site while minimizing technical challenges.
  • Feature-Rich Capabilities: Offering a variety of features that cater to numerous use cases, SureMembers stands out among the competition. The plugin provides robust content protection, customizable access groups, drip content management, and a user-friendly interface—all essential components of a successful membership site.
  • Attractive Pricing Plans and Efficient Support: SureMembers offers multiple pricing options designed to fit a range of budgets and website requirements. Alongside the flexibility in pricing, the plugin's reliable customer support ensures that you'll have prompt assistance in troubleshooting issues and resolving concerns during the site-building and management process.


  • Relatively New Player: As a newer plugin on the market, SureMembers might lack some advanced features that more established competitors offer. This aspect may be a concern if you're seeking a plugin with a longer history and time-tested performance in the market. However, SureMembers continues to gain momentum and a growing user base, revealing its potential to compete against industry veterans.
  • Limited Specialization in Site Management Options: While SureMembers caters to a variety of use cases, it may not suit users who require highly specialized site management options, such as advanced tools for community-focused membership sites or online courses. Some of its competitors, like MemberPress or Ultimate Member, might be better suited for users seeking tailored solutions for specific types of membership sites.

Taking the time to assess the pros and cons of SureMembers will help you determine if it meets your distinct requirements and objectives. As you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of SureMembers against other membership plugins, be mindful of how each choice can contribute to the growth and prosperity of your online membership venture.


Selecting the ideal membership plugin is a crucial step in building and managing your membership site successfully. SureMembers, with its compatibility, user-friendly interface, and feature-rich capabilities, has shown potential in delivering an excellent membership site experience for many users.

However, the final decision depends on your specific needs, preferences, and goals. It's essential to research and compare various membership plugins, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, also considering the feature sets they offer and the ease-of-use they provide.

Engage with fellow creators and explore their experiences with different plugins to inform your decision-making process. Ultimately, the plugin that resonates best with your vision and objectives for your membership site will be the most fitting choice. Remember, investing time and effort into finding the right plugin now will pay dividends in your online membership journey, empowering you to create and manage a thriving and sustainable online business.