Easy To Use, Powerful Enough for Developers

We’re developers too.

Here at Soflyy we’re all WordPress developers, even our support team. So while our products are simple, intuitive, and easy to use, we design them all so that developers can get inside and do what they need to do.

Export using your own wp_query parameters.

With WP All Export you can easily select a post type and then build some filters to limit the posts that will be exported. But there are cases when you’ll need to determine exactly what will be exported with the same fidelity that you have in calls to wp_query.

So, you can just input the same parameters that wp_query would take and WP All Export will export whatever posts wp_query would return if passed the same parameters.


Pass your data through custom functions.

Just like WP All Import, WP All Export supports the use of custom functions. Click on any element in Step 2 and you can specify a function to pass your data through.