Introducing WP All Import 4.0

  • November 12, 2014
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We’re extremely proud to announce the release of WP All Import 4.0. WP All Import has a brand-new user interface and many new features making it more powerful and easier to use.

WP All Import has a brand new look and has been dramatically simplified and enhanced. There’s less complexity, but more features. It’s also much more obvious where things are – options you might want to use are easy to find, not hidden in an endless sea of other options, and it’s harder to overlook important settings. Preview buttons in strategic places help you ensure your import is going to work the way you expect before you actually run it.


Documentation & video tutorials.

WP All Import 4.0 comes with all-new documentation and video tutorials. Documentation with many examples is available for complex aspects of the plugin, and video tutorials show WP All Import in action. WP All Import can do things you never imagined, so head on over to the docs and learn if WP All Import can help you with projects you never considered it a candidate for.

Enhanced reliability – “Import XML – Error” solved

WP All Import 4.0 is now better able to handle extremely large imports on unreliable, low quality web hosting providers. If you got the generic “Import XML – Error” message with 3.x, try 4.0. WP All Import v4 tries to automatically recover when web hosting providers stop it from running imports to completion. WP All Import has an iterative import process that processes your file piece by piece. When a host terminates an import process, WP All Import v4 will detect this and try again, but with a smaller piece of your file.

Numerous optimization have also been made to the code to make it run faster, especially when performing complex imports.

Existing customers upgrade for free.

You can download 4.0 and install it on a new site from the customer portal. To upgrade a 3.x site to 4.0, please read the upgrade instructions.

Brand new website.

Our new website gives a much clearer overview of WP All Import and our add-ons, what they can do, and how to use them. If you’re curious if you could be getting more out of WP All Import, check out our product tour and all new documentation & tutorials section.

Click here for detailed information on exactly what’s new in 4.0!

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  1. Torben Adolph

    Hi Louis,

    Thanks for this greate update. I’ve had the chance to test this new version incl. WP Add On. It is much more stabel than the previous version. I started with uninstall the old version and install the new. Happy to see that all my current imports still exists. Create an import file for single products and variable product and off we went. But all was not well. I needed to verify all my imports and after changing the old nesting function to the new one and change the XML start tag I pushed the start. The import only spend 40% processing time over the previous version and every thing worked perfect. The best thing is that you have fixed the updating issue in WP Add On regarding the salesprice on variation.

    Last but not least, I just imported 5000+ product and variantion to my webshop in less than 15 min. This including 2-4 images per product, brands and product categories…!

    I’ll continuing using and support your software.

    Best regards

    Torben Adolph
    Højvang Dyreartikler

  2. Jordan Konopate

    Is there a known bug in 4.0.3 that throws up the error “No matching elements found for Root element and XPath expression specified” when trying to re import a file with custom xnode path?

    1. Louis Reingold

      No. That message is not the result of a bug. It means you are using custom XPath to filter your feed (i.e. to only import items matching a certain criteria), but there aren’t any records in your feed that match that criteria, or your XPath expression is simply valid. We’d be happy to give you further help and show you exactly how to fix your custom XPath expression if you e-mail

  3. Andrew Harkness

    Really enjoying the new look! One feature I’d really like would be the ability to label feeds. If you have a few feeds in the “manage feeds” section it can get a bit hard to tell the feeds apart, so it would be great to have the ability to give each feed a meaningul heading.

    1. Andrew Harkness

      Actually I see you now have the ability to give new feeds a ‘friendly’ name. I didn’t see that because I was only working with old feeds. Excellent!

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